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All Europe Tour Options

With incredible preplanned itineraries accompanied by expert tour guides, an overland coach tour can be a perfect choice. Many of the major coach tour operators are listed below, along with the popular guided bicycle, walking, and culinary tour options. We even included pub crawls and ghost tours just for fun. View all of the hand-selected Europe tour options below or use the tabs above to sort the flight options by category.

  • walkative logo

    Walkative Tours

    Walkative Tours offers immersive and engaging travel experiences that captivate buyers with unique storytelling and interactive elements, ensuring unforgettable journeys.

  • Strawberry Tours Logo

    Strawberry Tours

    Strawberry Tours offers captivating and immersive guided experiences that not only showcase the cultural richness of various destinations but also engage and captivate participants, creating lasting memories.

  • Mike's Bike Tours Logo

    Mike's Bike Tours

    Mike's Bike Tours captivates customers with unforgettable cycling adventures that blend scenic routes, expert guides, and a passion for exploration.

  • sanemans logo


    Sandemans Tours captivates buyers by offering immersive and engaging guided tours that combine insightful storytelling, local expertise, and a unique blend of history and culture.

  • trek and travel logo

    Trek Travel

    Trek Travel hooks purchasers with immersive and meticulously curated cycling tours, combining the thrill of adventure with top-notch service and expert guides.

  • Thomson Bike Tours

    Thomson Bike Tours

    Thomson Bike Tours enthralls buyers with immersive cycling experiences, seamlessly blending scenic routes and cultural exploration to create unforgettable adventures.

  • backroads logo

    Back Roads

    Back Roads tours captivate buyers with unique and off-the-beaten-path travel experiences, enticing them to explore unconventional destinations and discover hidden gems.

  • Bike Tours Logo

    Bike Tours

    Bike tours offer immersive and exhilarating experiences, captivating participants with scenic routes, cultural exploration, and physical activity.

  • Topdeck Logo


    Topdeck Tours captivates buyers with immersive and meticulously planned travel experiences, creating unforgettable journeys around the world.

  • Cosmos Logo


    Cosmos Tours captivates buyers with enticing and immersive travel experiences that promise unforgettable journeys and cultural exploration.

  • Adventures by Disney Logo

    Adventures by Disney

    Adventures by Disney offers captivating guided tours that captivate purchasers with immersive experiences, expertly curated itineraries, and the enchanting magic of Disney, ensuring unforgettable travel adventures for families and adults alike.

  • Brendan Vacations Logo

    Brendan Vacations

    Brendan Vacations offers captivating tours that captivate purchasers with unique and immersive travel experiences.

Europe Guided Tours

Personally, I’ve always been a huge fan of guided coach tours. That being said, each of the major tour operators below has very different styles and “personalities” that fall largely into different clientele age groups like middle-aged/older crowds or 18-35-year-olds. Some are classy and elegant. Others are less formal and more casual in how they are structured. Carefully research your favorites and check their reviews for previous passenger experiences.

  • Intrepid Logo


    Intrepid Tours captivates purchasers with immersive and responsibly curated travel experiences that combine adventure, cultural enrichment, and a commitment to sustainable tourism.

  • Busabout Logo


    Busabout Tours captivates purchasers with immersive and flexible travel experiences, enticing them with a dynamic mix of unique destinations, personalized itineraries, and a vibrant community-driven approach.

Europe Family Tours

Costco members should research what guided tour options and discounts are available. As well, if you’re traveling with children and your family budget permits, perhaps you should consider the very highly rated Adventures by Disney packages offered across Europe.

Europe Bike Tours

Below are a few of the more popular local city bike tour operators for daytrips as well as more extended biking holiday options designed for hardcore biking enthusiasts.

Europe Walking Tours

Few ways provide the insightful richness of a city’s history and culture better than an invigorating walking tour. Below are a few of the more popular operators, however please check each city carefully as many different options and make sure to wear comfortable shoes and bring water along.

Europe Culinary Tours

What a fun way to explore a region’s culinary wonders. Feel free to explore a few of the more popular food tour operators below.

Europe Pub Crawl Tours

For those of you that came to Europe to party, pub crawls will definitely deliver. Do your homework on these please and note that many operators come and go due to the obvious insurance concerns. Most tours take you to 4-6 different pubs or bars in a local area and guarantee you 1 shot or drink at each. Beware things can get pretty out of hand on these so make sure to check online reviews in advance if possible.

Europe Ghost Tours

Up for a good fright on your holiday? Maybe a ghost tour is what you’re looking for. A few of the more noteworthy options are below but make sure to check online to see what your destination city has to offer.