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Bike Tours is the ultimate website in finding, just like the name says, bike tours around the world. It has an especially impressive collection of bike tours across Europe: from popular tourist destinations like Ireland, Greece, and Spain to lesser-explored and off the beaten path spots like Poland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Albania.

The website is very easy to use and divides bike tours by country as well as regions, such as Catalonia (Spain), the Dolomites (Italy), and the French Alps. There are many tours that offer both guides and self-guided options. For travelers who prefer to go the self-guided route, no worries: Bike Tours will take care of all hotel reservations and luggage transportation from hotel to hotel, so you can focus on enjoying your trip.

Stockholm and Sörmland

A round-trip Bike Tour from Stockholm through Södermanland (or locally Sörmland meaning Land of the Southern Men). Södermanland is one of Sweden's 25 provinces. Its terrain is mostly flat with lots of surrounding waters. Södermanland sits between the Baltic Sea to the southeast and Lake Mälaren to the north. This tour ventures to the graveyards of ships, runic stones, cliff drawings, country churches, and so on. Add to that Janson’s temptation, Smörgåsbord style meals and the famous lingonberries! Long days, short nights, forests, lots of lakes, green meadows, and scenic flora and fauna all add to the fairytale atmosphere of this region.


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