Who makes the best chocolates and where are their factories located?

Best Chocolates

When it comes to the world of chocolate, several brands stand out for their exceptional quality and craftsmanship. One such chocolate brand is Lindt & Sprüngli, renowned for its decadent chocolate bars, truffles, and confections. Lindt & Sprüngli's factories are located in several countries, including Switzerland, the birthplace of chocolate as we know it today. The company's Swiss factories produce a wide range of chocolate products, from classic milk chocolate bars to indulgent dark chocolate truffles. Lindt & Sprüngli's dedication to using the finest cacao beans and traditional chocolate-making techniques ensures that each bite is a luxurious experience. You can find Europes Best Chocolates here.

Another chocolate company celebrated for its exquisite creations is Godiva, known for its premium chocolates and elegant packaging. Godiva's factories are situated in Belgium, a country with a long-standing tradition of chocolate-making. Here, skilled chocolatiers craft a variety of chocolate bars, truffles, and confections using the finest ingredients, including rich dark chocolate, creamy white chocolate, and smooth caramel. Godiva's chocolate shops around the world offer an array of tempting treats, from classic chocolate truffles to innovative flavor combinations like sea salt caramel and peanut butter chocolate bars.

In addition to large-scale chocolate companies, artisan chocolatiers are gaining recognition for their handcrafted chocolates and unique flavor profiles. One such chocolatier is Vosges Haut-Chocolat, known for its adventurous approach to chocolate-making. Based in the United States, Vosges Haut-Chocolat sources high-quality cacao beans from around the world to create innovative chocolate bars, truffles, and confections. With offerings like dark chocolate bacon bars and exotic truffle collections inspired by global flavors, Vosges Haut-Chocolat pushes the boundaries of traditional chocolate-making, delighting chocolate enthusiasts with each bite.

In the world of chocolate, there's no shortage of talented chocolatiers and chocolate makers who produce some of the best chocolates in the world. Some of the largest chocolate companies, like Hershey's and Mars, have factories located across multiple countries, producing a wide range of popular chocolates and confections. These companies have made a significant impact on the chocolate industry, shaping the way chocolate is produced and consumed on a global scale. Whether it's a classic milk chocolate bar or a luxurious box of truffles, these top chocolate producers continue to satisfy the cravings of chocolate lovers around the world.

For those seeking artisanal chocolate experiences, independent chocolate makers and artisan chocolate shops offer a more personalized approach to chocolate-making. One such chocolate maker is Dandelion Chocolate, based in San Francisco, California. Known for its bean-to-bar chocolates and single-origin chocolate bars, Dandelion Chocolate sources cacao beans directly from farmers in countries across Latin America, Africa, and beyond. The company's dedication to quality and craftsmanship has earned it a place among the best chocolatiers in the world, with chocolate lovers flocking to its chocolate shops across the country to sample its delicious chocolate products.

In Belgium, the birthplace of pralines and some of the finest chocolates in the world, chocolatiers like Pierre Marcolini and Godiva continue to set the standard for gourmet chocolate. Pierre Marcolini, a renowned Belgian chocolate maker, is celebrated for his exquisite chocolate creations, including delicate chocolate bonbons and rich chocolate ganache. Meanwhile, Godiva's factories in Belgium produce a wide range of luxurious chocolate products, from creamy milk chocolate truffles to decadent dark chocolate bars. With their dedication to quality and innovation, these Belgian chocolatiers have earned a reputation for producing some of the best chocolates in the world, delighting chocolate connoisseurs with their delicious creations.

In the United States, artisan chocolate shops like Christopher Elbow Chocolates and Ragged Coast Chocolates are making waves in the chocolate industry with their creative flavors and meticulous attention to detail. Christopher Elbow Chocolates, based in Kansas City, Missouri, is known for its hand-painted chocolate bonbons and unique chocolate caramels. Meanwhile, Ragged Coast Chocolates, located in Maine, specializes in bean-to-bar chocolates made from organic cacao beans sourced from countries across the globe. These independent chocolate makers are at the forefront of the artisan chocolate movement, producing some of the best chocolates and truffles in the world for chocolate lovers to enjoy.

Much, much later scientists realized they could mix the fats from that cocoa bean with sugar and mould it into what we now widely call a candy bar. Then came Henri Nestle who mixed condensed milk into the recipe and was the first to create milk chocolate.

Chocolate has come a long way since its humble origins over 2,000 years ago when the Mayans first discovered the magical qualities inherent to the cocoa bean. Their civilization was extremely fond of a bitter chocolate beverage they simply called “xocolati.”

These days, it’s widely held the Swiss scoff down a world record of 10 ½ kilos of chocolate (the equivalent of 40 family size bars of chocolate per person, per year or 1 normal size chocolate per day, everyday). Despite this, they still manage to maintain ridiculously above average physical health. Judge for yourself at the plethora of factory tours available from many of Europe’s finest chocolatiers. Here are the top 5 best chocolates and their factory locations:

  • Godiva from Belgium.
  • Toblerone, is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland and now owned by Kraft Foods, but produced in a ultra-modern factory just outside Bern
  • Lindt from Zurich, Switzerland.
  • Nestle from Vevey, Switzerland.
  • Chocolaterie Cailler/Nestle in Broc, Switzerland

Learn how chocolates and pralines are made using fresh milk from the Alps in side this legendary Swiss chocolate factory. Tour complete with tastings and a film.

  • Suchard (Swiss)- now owned by Philip Morris
  • Sprungli from Zurich. The public venue for this chocalatier is a café located on 21 Bahnhofstrasse near the Paradeplatz. The speciality to sample is the Luxemburgli, which is a cream filled pastry. If you order an espresso, you’ll get a free chocolate sample as well.
  • Alprose Chocolat has the Schoko Land Museum where visitors can learn the techniques of modern chocolate production as well as a museum showcasing the traditions of Swiss Chocolate making.
  • Chocalat Alprose SA, Via Rompada 36 Caslano-Lugano, Switzerland.
  • Milche from Austria
  • Cadbury World outside of Birmingham, England. Visit the factory by taking the train to Bourneville station from Birmingham’s New Street. They are open daily, generally from around 10:30am-5pm with admission fees of L6.50/L4.50. For reservations (which are suggested on the busy weekends )
  • Baci from Perugia-owned by Nestle? Mention the Perugia International Chocolate Fair where men wield mighty axes into giant blocks of mouth watering chocolate. The Heindl Chocolate Museum in Vienna, Austria.
  • In Alicante, check out the Chocolate Museum in Vila Joisosa (96 589 0959)
  • In Dublin, stop by any one of Butler’s Chocalate Cafes (located at 51 Grafton St, 24 Wicklow St., 9 Chatham St., or 18 Nassau St.)