Who drinks the most wine?

Wines of Europe

·         the average bottle of Bordeaux contains 680 calories and has only 100-110 calories per 5 oz. or 150 ml. glass

  • the standard Bordeaux oak wine barrel holds 225 liters of wine
  • wine has been cultivated as far back as 4000 BC
  • Europe consumes 70% of the world’s wine and 75% of the French exports
  • winemakers often grow roses nearby because roses are susceptible to the same vine diseases and pests.
  • real cork comes largely from southern and central Portugal, where cork oak trees have their bark husked once every 10 years. See www.corkmasters.com
  • the most expensive bottle ever auctioned was sold for 105,000 Pounds Sterling in December 1985 by Christie’s of London.
  • that dent on the bottom of the bottle is called the ‘punt” and indicates the bottle is  meant to be laid down for ageing, thus allowing sediment to settle.
  • the optimum storing temperature for wine is 52 degrees F (11 degrees Celsius)
  • the optimum serving temperature for:

      Sparkling wines is 40-45 degrees F( 4.5 to 7 degrees C)

      White wines is 45-50 degrees F(7 to 10 degrees C)

              Reds: roses and light reds:50-55 degrees F(10-12.5degrees C); medium bodied:55-60 degrees F(12.5-15.5 degrees C) heavy bodied:60-65 degrees F(15.5-18 degrees C)

Who Guzzles the Most Wine
Country Liters
Luxembourg 70.0
France 58.1
Portugal 53.2
Italy 52.0
Switzerland 43.2
Greece 35.9
Spain 35.6
Austria 30.1
Denmark 29.0
*Based on annual consumption per capita
Source: Productschap voor Gedistilleerde Dranken

Terms to know:

  • Oenology- the science of winemaking including chemical analysis/interpretation
  • Viticulture- the culture or cultivation of grapes/grapevines
  • Degustation- the tasting of wine (appreciatively that is)
  • Vintage- simply indicates year in which the grapes were picked/harvested

Tastevin- an accessory often worn around the neck by a wine aficionado (generally on a chain or ribbon) which resembles a specialized sterling silver cup and is used for tasting and examining qualities of the wine.