Who drinks the most beer in Europe?

While debauchery by definition refers to the excessive indulgences of one’s sensual desires, no one can deny that a little pampering is indeed a necessary good for the soul.  Few places seem to ease the human condition and cater to our five insatiable senses like Europe. Almost intuitively, Europe achieves the perfect harmony of decadence balanced by class and sophistication, wholeheartedly embracing its sumptuous array of choices in food, wine, any anything else within the spectrum of imagination. Go hard and don’t forget our old saying, “What happens it Europe…stays in Europe!”

Who Chugs the Most Beer
Country Pints Liters
Czech Republic 341.6 161.8
Ireland 317.7 150.5
Germany 268.9 127.4
Luxembourg 234.1 110.9
Austria 229.3 108.6
Denmark 221.6 105
UK 209.9 99.4
Belgium 206.9 98
Australia 199.4 94.5
Slovakia 193.8 91.8
USA 173 82
*Based on annual consumption per capita
Source: Productschap voor Gedistilleerde Dranken

Beers of Europe

  • by 4000 BC, the Babylonians had made 16 different types of beer from barley, wheat, and honey
  • by 2000 BC, beer was in common use in China
  • beer was sold in glass bottles in Germany as early as 1561
  • a keg of beer has 15 ½ gallons, and a barrel has 31 gallons.
  • a British pint is 568 ml.
  • a 12oz. can or 330 ml. bottle has around 135-160 calories
  • in England, pubs ales are usually served in pints or quarts. Tradition was in old England for bartenders to yell at unruly customers by ordering them to mind their pints and quarts and settle down. Thus the origin of the phrase, “mind your p’s and q’s.”
  • the oldest known pub in England dates back to 1189 AD and is called Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem. Its 6 foot high ceilings were carved into the sandstone base which forms the hill outside the castle walls in Nottingham. Many a Crusader stopped here on their route to the holy lands. (located at 1, Brewhouse Yard; open Mon.-Sat. 11am-11pm, Sun. 12pm-10:30pm; phone: + 947 3171)
  • don’t forget that last call in Britain is a ridiculously early 11pm. At this time not only do pubs close, but shops and stores are prohibited from the sale of alcohol as well.