Which of the various wine schools across Europe accept foreign students for study?

As the increasing popularity of wine swells with more and more interest, demand has also naturally grown for proper instruction and education into the fine art of wine production and its cultivation. Whether simply to educate yourself or perhaps further your qualifications in the food and beverage industry, the schools listed below offer an exciting array of programs designed to suit the needs of everyone from the weekend enthusiast to the hardcore wine professional.

  • L’Ecole du Vin Bordeaux-CIVB offers 3 different level of wine course intensives as well as 2 hour or weekend course studies in one of the capitals of French winemaking  (located at 1, cours du juillet, Bordeaux cedex 330775 France or telephone: (+33) 05 56 00 22 66; Fax: (+33) 05 56 00 22 82; website: www.ecole.vins-bordeaux.fr or email: [email protected]
  • L’Ecole des Vins de Bourgogne offers courses ranging from several hours to several weeks in the heart of the Burgundy region (located at 6 rue du 16eme chasseurs, Beaune 21200 or telephone: (+33) 03 80 26 35 10; Fax: 03 80 26 35 11; website: www.bivb.com or email: [email protected] )
  • Institut Interntional des Vins de Champagne offers courses ranging from 2 hours to several days in the Champagne region of France (located at 15 rue Jeanson, Ay (Marne) 51160;  website: www.villabissinger.com )