Which countries still use nuclear power?

Several countries around the world, including some in Europe, continue to rely on nuclear power as a significant component of their energy mix. These nations view nuclear energy as a means to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and meet their energy needs. In Europe, several countries actively use nuclear power, while others have phased it out or are in the process of doing so.

France stands out as a prominent user of nuclear power in Europe. With around 56 nuclear reactors, it has one of the highest nuclear energy shares in the world, accounting for about 70% of the country's electricity production. This reliance on nuclear energy has been a consistent policy since the 1970s, making France one of the most nuclear-dependent nations globally.

Another European country that has continued to utilize nuclear energy is Russia. With its extensive nuclear infrastructure and advanced technologies, Russia maintains a significant nuclear power capacity. Russian reactors generate a substantial portion of the country's electricity, and the nation is also a leading exporter of nuclear technology to other countries.

In contrast, countries like Germany and Sweden have been actively reducing their dependence on nuclear power. Germany, for instance, has implemented a policy known as the "Energiewende" (Energy Transition), which aims to shift the country's energy production towards renewable sources and away from nuclear and fossil fuels. Sweden, while still using nuclear power, has set a target to phase it out entirely and transition towards more sustainable energy sources.

  1. France:
    • Number of Reactors: Approximately 56
  2. Russia:
    • Number of Reactors: Approximately 38
  3. United Kingdom:
    • Number of Reactors: Approximately 15
  4. Spain:
    • Number of Reactors: 7
  5. Sweden:
    • Number of Reactors: 6
  6. Germany:
    • Number of Reactors: 6
  7. Ukraine:
    • Number of Reactors: 15
  8. Finland:
    • Number of Reactors: 4
  9. Slovakia:
    • Number of Reactors: 4
  10. Czech Republic:
    • Number of Reactors: 6
  11. Hungary:
    • Number of Reactors: 4
  12. Switzerland:
    • Number of Reactors: 5
  13. Belgium:
    • Number of Reactors: 7

Also of noteworthy interest is the European Center for Nuclear Research (CERN), one of the world’s largest centers for such research located just outside Geneva, Switzerland before the French border.