Where was Ted Lasso filmed?

Ted Lasso Filming location

"Ted Lasso," the heartwarming and critically acclaimed television series, was predominantly filmed in and around London, England. The charming backdrop of the city contributes significantly to the show's overall appeal. One notable filming location is Richmond Park, a sprawling and picturesque royal park situated in southwest London. Its vast green spaces and scenic landscapes serve as the backdrop for various outdoor scenes, creating a serene atmosphere that complements the feel-good tone of the series.

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In addition to Richmond Park, Selhurst Park, the home stadium of Crystal Palace Football Club, is another prominent filming location in "Ted Lasso." The stadium's iconic structure and vibrant atmosphere during football matches provide an authentic setting for the show's football scenes. The choice of Selhurst Park adds a layer of realism to the series, immersing viewers in the world of English football and capturing the essence of the sport. You can buy Ted Lasso Gear here.

As "Ted Lasso" unfolds, viewers also get glimpses of other major landmarks in and around London. The bustling streets, historic architecture, and cultural richness of the city become integral elements of the show. From scenes set in traditional English pubs to moments captured in the vibrant neighborhoods of London, the series captures the spirit of the city, making it not just a backdrop but a character in its own right. The seamless integration of these locations into the narrative enhances the overall viewing experience, creating a sense of familiarity and connection for audiences around the world.

"Ted Lasso," the acclaimed television series, was primarily filmed in various locations across West London. One of the key filming locations for the show is the SkyEx Community Stadium, which serves as the home ground for AFC Richmond, the fictional football team coached by Ted Lasso. The stadium, located in Hayes, West London, provides the backdrop for many of the football scenes in the series, including the team's training sessions and match days. Additionally, iconic London landmarks such as Richmond Green and Paved Court make appearances throughout the show, adding to the authenticity of the setting.

Aside from the SkyEx Community Stadium, "Ted Lasso" also features scenes filmed at real-life football grounds such as Craven Cottage, the home stadium of Fulham FC, and Goodison Park, the historic ground of Everton FC. These locations are used to depict matches against rival teams in the Premier League, showcasing the intense competition faced by AFC Richmond under the guidance of football Coach Ted Lasso. Furthermore, the series pays homage to grassroots football with scenes filmed at Yeading United Football Club, a semi-professional team based in West London. Yeading United's grounds and facilities serve as the backdrop for scenes involving the fictional club's training sessions and interactions among the characters.

Ted Lasso played by Jason Sudeikis started out as an American football coach in the series. With Ted lasso season 3 most likely being the last season, there are many locations to visit. From AFC Richmond's stadium to AFC Richmond's training ground scenes were filmed all over London. From south east London to Manchester City. In season two of "Ted Lasso," the filming locations expanded to include additional sites across London, such as Wembley Stadium and the London Stadium, home to West Ham United FC. These iconic venues provide the setting for pivotal moments in the series, including memorable matches and important events in the lives of the characters. Moreover, the show explores the vibrant atmosphere of London's pub culture, with scenes filmed in local establishments like The Greyhound, where characters like Roy Kent and Coach Beard unwind after a day on the pitch. Overall, the diverse range of filming locations in and around West London contributes to the rich tapestry of settings that define the world of "Ted Lasso."

"Ted Lasso," the popular sports comedy-drama television series, was primarily filmed in various locations across West London, capturing the essence of both urban and suburban life in the English capital. The series features iconic landmarks such as Richmond Station, where Ted arrives in London at the beginning of Season 1, and the Prince's Head Pub in Richmond, a favorite haunt of the characters. Additionally, real-life football grounds like the SkyEx Community Stadium in Hayes and Yeading United's stadium were used for filming AFC Richmond's home matches, providing an authentic backdrop for the football scenes.

Many of the scenes involving Ted and the AFC Richmond team were filmed at real-life premier league stadiums, including Selhurst Park Stadium, the home of Crystal Palace FC, and Craven Cottage, the home of Fulham FC. These locations add to the authenticity of the series, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in the world of English football. Furthermore, other notable locations used in filming include the Eel Pie Island Rowing Club, where Ted and Rebecca have a memorable conversation, and the Barmy Arms Pub, where the characters gather to celebrate victories and drown their sorrows.

For fans of the show, visiting the real-life Ted Lasso filming locations can be a fun and memorable experience. From the bustling streets of Central London to the leafy suburbs of West London, there are plenty of locations to explore. Whether you're a football fan looking to visit the stadiums used in the series or simply want to soak up the atmosphere of Ted's world, there are plenty of Ted Lasso locations you can visit in real life.

Whether it's the iconic football stadiums used for AFC Richmond's matches or the charming pubs where characters like Ted and Keeley gather, the Ted Lasso filming locations provide a rich tapestry of settings for the show's heartwarming and comedic moments. As the series continues to captivate audiences worldwide, the real-life Premier League stadiums, quaint London streets, and bustling pubs serve as cherished landmarks for fans eager to immerse themselves in Ted Lasso's world. Whether it's following in the footsteps of Ted and Coach Beard along Nelson Road or reliving AFC Richmond's journey to the FA Cup, the Ted Lasso filming locations offer a memorable experience for fans of the show.