Where is your favorite European fashion designer from?

No doubt about it, Europe has the best fashions and consequently, the subject arises. Incidentally, many people have asked why such designers as Caroline Herrera, Yves St. Laurent, and Oscar De La Renta included aren’t included on the list.

Quite simply, this list pertains to noteworthy native born, European designers. In their case, the three mentioned for example were born in Venezuela, Algeria, and Santo Domingo respectively.

Here are Europe's most famous fashion designers and their place of birth:

Name Dates Place of Birth
Armani, Georgio 1935- Piacenza, Italy
Ashley, Laura 1925-1985 Merthyr Tydfil, UK
Balenciaga, Cristobal 1895-1972 Guetaria, Spain
Cardin, Pierre 1922- San Biagio di Callalta, Italy
Cerruti, Nino 1930- Biella, Italy
Chanel, Coco 1883-1971 Saumur, France
Dior, Christian 1905-1957 Granville, France
Erte 1892-1990 St. Petersburg, Russia
Fiorucci, Elio 1935-2015 Milan, Italy
Galliano, John 1960- Gibralter
Gaultier, Jean-Paul 1952- Paris, France
Givenchy, Hubert 1927-2018 Beauvais, France
Gucci, Maurizio 1948-1995 Florence, Italy
Lacroix, Christian 1951- Arles, France
Lagerfeld, Karl 1939-2019 Hamburg, Germany
Laroche, Guy 1923-1989 La Rochelle, France
Montana, Claude 1949- Paris, France
Moschino, Franco 1950-1994 Abbiategrasso, Italy
Rabanne, Paco 1934- Pasaia, Spain
Ricci, Nina 1883-1970 Turin, Italy
Rochas, Marcel 1902-1955 Paris, France
Smith, Paul 1946- Nottingham, UK
Strauss, Levi 1829-1902 Buttenheim, Bavaria
Ungaro, Emmanuel 1933-2019 Aix-en-Provence, France
Valentino 1933- Voghera, Italy
Versace, Gianni 1946-1997 Calabria, Italy
Von Furstenburg, Diane 1946- Brussels, Belgium
Westwood, Vivienne 1941- Tintwistle, UK