Where exactly does Heidi come from?

The famed Swiss Miss with her long golden, blond ponytails and her irrepressible charm is a story loved by all. Nestled at the base of Mt. Falknis (8,200 ft.), her little Swiss village is called Maienfeld in the German speaking canton of Graubunden. These days the original Heidi village, her unique home, and even Peter’s goats have become major tourist attractions. Based on the book by Johanna Spyri written over 150 years ago, the Heidi house is open from March 15 until November 14 from 10am to 7pm daily and costs 5 CHF for admission. From Zurich it is only 1 ½ hours by train and lies close to the borders of both Austria and Lichtenstein in the northeastern part of the country.  See www.heididorf.ch