Where are the fancy mineral waters from?

  • Evian (Still)-Besides the fact that Evian spelled backwards is Naïve, the source is a French spa town at the foot of Mont Blanc. See www.evian.com
  • Perrier (Carbonated)-located near Nimes in Vergeze in the south of France containing an alkaline composition which aides in digestion and a very slight saltiness. The Romans built baths at the springs and even Hannibal is suggested to have tasted its waters. See www.perrier.com
  • San Pellegrino (Carbonated) The so called “champagne of mineral waters.” “Pelligrino” is simply the Italian word for “Pilgrim” by the way. See www.sanpellegrino.it


Useless Food Facts

  • Deep fried Mars Bars (yes, the chocolate bar) are a regional favorite available in most parts of Scotland.
  • Doughnuts, waffles, and french fries were invented by the Belgians.
  • The Viennese, not the French, created the first croissant to celebrate their victory over the Ottoman Turks in x

Sweden boast the record for the world’s longest smorgasbord which extended some 798 yards.