Where are the fancy mineral waters from?

"Fancy" or premium mineral waters come from various sources around the world, and they are often known for their unique mineral compositions and exceptional purity. Here are some well-known fancy mineral water brands and their sources:

  • Evian (Still)- Besides the fact that Evian spelled backward is Naïve, the source is a French spa town at the foot of Mont Blanc. Coming from the Évian-les-Bains commune in the French Alps, Evian is known for its high mineral content, including calcium, magnesium, and bicarbonate. It is sourced from the pristine waters of Lake Geneva. See www.evian.com
  • Perrier (Carbonated)- Located near Nimes in Vergeze in the south of France it contains an alkaline composition which aids in digestion and a very slight saltiness. The Romans built baths at the springs and even Hannibal is suggested to have tasted its waters. Sourced from a spring located in the Gard département. It is known for its distinctive green glass bottles. See www.perrier.com
  • San Pellegrino (Carbonated) The so-called “champagne of mineral waters.” “Pelligrino” is simply the Italian word for “Pilgrim” by the way. Sourced from San Pellegrino Terme in Italy's Lombardy region, this carbonated mineral water is naturally enriched with minerals, particularly calcium, magnesium, and bicarbonate. See www.sanpellegrino.it
  • Voss (Carbonated)- Voss water comes from an artesian well located in the Iveland municipality in southern Norway. It is known for its purity and low mineral content. See www.vosswater.com


Useless Food Facts

  • Deep fried Mars Bars (yes, the chocolate bar) are a regional favorite available in most parts of Scotland.
  • Doughnuts, waffles, and french fries were invented by the Belgians.
  • The Viennese, not the French, created the first croissant to celebrate their victory over the Ottoman Turks in x

Sweden boast the record for the world’s longest smorgasbord which extended some 798 yards.