What’s the longest waterfall in Europe?

In Europe, the longest waterfall is typically considered to be the Vinnufossen in Norway, with a total drop of approximately 860 meters (2,821 feet). Keep in mind that the exact rankings and measurements of waterfalls can vary depending on factors like seasonal flow rates and specific measurement methods.

Other notable Waterfalls include:

Longest Waterfalls in Europe
Name Country Feet Meters
Utigard Norway 2,625 800
Mongefossen Norway 2,540 774
Ostre Mardola Foss Norway 2,152 656
Feigefossen Norway 715 218
Kjellfossen Norway 1,841 561
Other Noteworthy Falls
Gavarnie France 1,385 422
Trummelbach Switz. 1,312 400
Krimmler Austria 1,300 396
Staubbach Switz. 870 265
Terni Italy 650 198