What is the definition for the following religious terms?

The Antichrist An evil figure who will plague the world and ultimately be defeated by Christ in the battle of Armageddon.
The Apocalypse Derived from the Greek word for revelation, it describes the world’s cataclysmic end and the ushering in of Christ’s kingdom on Earth.
The Apotheosis Elevation of a person to the status of god, the divine example.
Armageddon Describes the final battle between Christ and the Antichrist and the beginning of his 1000 year reign.
The Ascension Celebrates the Ascension of Christ to heaven 40 days after his resurrection.
The Final Judgement When Christ the ruler resurrects the dead and rewards the righteous with eternal life and the evil with eternal damnation.
The Rapture The actual act of Christ raising all living true believers to heaven
The Tribulation The period of 7 years of ruin and disaster which culminate with Christ’s ultimate victory over evil at Armageddon.