What is the biggest church in Europe?

Well, for those of you without a case of the ABC’s (Another Bloody Church syndrome), you're in for a treat exploring Europe's grandest and most awe-inspiring churches. Here are the top five largest churches on the continent:

  1. St. Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican:
    • Notable for its staggering size, St. Peter's Basilica stretches an impressive 186 meters (615 feet) in length. Its awe-inspiring dome soars to a breathtaking height of 136.5 meters (448 feet), making it an architectural marvel and a spiritual beacon for millions of Catholics worldwide. If you're interested in visiting the Vatican you can book a tour of the basilica here: Vatican Tour
  2. St. Paul’s Cathedral in London:
    • This iconic cathedral in London is a testament to English architecture and spiritual significance. If you're interested in visiting St. Paul's you can book a tour of the Cathedral here: St. Pauls Cathedral Tours
  3. The Catedral in Seville:
    • With dimensions nearly 160 meters wide and 140 meters long, the Catedral in Seville commands a prominent presence in the heart of the city. Its sprawling layout and intricate Gothic architecture bear witness to centuries of history and faith. If you're interested in visiting Seville's Cathedral you can book a tour of the Cathedral here: Seville Cathedral Tours
  4. El Duomo in Milan:
    • El Duomo, the illustrious cathedral in Milan, boasts a length of 157 meters (514 feet) and reaches a remarkable width of 92 meters (301 feet) at its widest point. This Gothic masterpiece stands as a testament to the skill and devotion of the artisans who crafted it. If you're interested in visiting El Duomo you can book a tour of the Cathedral here: El Duomo Tours
  5. The Anglican Cathedral in Liverpool, England:
    • England's Anglican Cathedral in Liverpool stands as a beacon of Anglican faith and architectural achievement. While its dimensions are certainly impressive, the spiritual resonance within its walls is equally profound. If you're interested in visiting the Anglican Cathedral you learn more about it here: Liverpool Cathedral

These magnificent churches, with their colossal proportions and intricate designs, serve as architectural wonders and enduring symbols of faith. Whether you're drawn to their religious significance or simply wish to marvel at their awe-inspiring beauty, these churches invite visitors to contemplate the profound legacy of European spirituality and craftsmanship.