What are the best websites for visiting a specific country?

Explore the Best Websites for Traveling to Any Country in the World in 2024

In the digital age, planning a trip has never been easier.  Through any select cities these cities will guide you through your travels. With a plethora of websites and apps at our fingertips, travelers can access comprehensive travel guides, book accommodations, plan itineraries, and gain valuable insights into their destinations. This article explores the top websites and apps that offer current information, personalized recommendations, and convenient booking services for visiting any country in the world in 2024. You can find amazing prices on high-rated flights and hotels at Skyscanner

Lonely Planet: Lonely Planet remains a top choice for travelers seeking reliable travel information and guides. Their website and app cover almost every country in the world, offering expert advice, detailed itineraries, and insider tips. Whether you're a seasoned traveler or planning your first trip, Lonely Planet provides comprehensive coverage of destinations, attractions, accommodation options, and transportation details. With user-generated content and up-to-date information, it's a valuable resource for anyone interested in traveling to a specific country.

TripAdvisor: TripAdvisor is a go-to platform for travelers looking for user-generated reviews, ratings, and recommendations. With millions of reviews covering hotels, restaurants, attractions, and tours worldwide, it provides valuable insights into the experiences of other travelers. The website and app allow users to customize their search based on their preferences and budget, making it easy to find the best options for accommodation, dining, and activities in any country. Additionally, TripAdvisor offers discounts and deals on bookings, helping travelers save money on their trips.

Booking.com: When it comes to booking accommodation, Booking.com is one of the most popular websites globally. With a vast inventory of hotels, hostels, apartments, and resorts in countries around the world, it offers options to suit every budget and preference. The website's user-friendly interface allows travelers to search, compare, and book accommodation with ease. Moreover, Booking.com frequently offers special deals and discounts, making it a convenient and cost-effective choice for travelers looking to reserve their stay.

Airbnb: For travelers seeking unique and personalized accommodation experiences, Airbnb is an attractive option. The platform allows users to book stays in private homes, apartments, villas, and even castles, offering a more authentic and immersive travel experience. With listings in countries across the globe, travelers can find accommodations that suit their preferences and budget. Airbnb also provides a range of experiences and activities hosted by locals, allowing travelers to explore their destination from a unique perspective.

Google Maps: While not traditionally considered a travel website, Google Maps has become an indispensable tool for travelers. With features like navigation, offline maps, and local recommendations, it helps users navigate unfamiliar destinations with ease. Travelers can use Google Maps to find nearby attractions, restaurants, and accommodation options, as well as plan routes for road trips or public transportation. The app also provides real-time information on traffic conditions, public transit schedules, and points of interest, making it an essential companion for travelers exploring any country.

Here are some more websites for some of the more common destinations. Using the internet nowadays has for many, become far easier than actually calling a location. For those of you out there, here it is.


Austria: General www.anto.com –official site of Austrian national tourist office
Trains www.oebb.at – info on national/international trains
Vienna www,info.wien.at –official site of the Vienna Tourist Bureau
Salzburg www.salzburg.com –info on Salzburg and region
www.salzburginfo.at –a virtual walking tour of Salzburg
Andorra: General www.tourisme.ad/angles
Belgium: General www.tourism-belgium.net
Trains www.b-rail.be
Brussels www.brusselstourism.com
Brugge www.brugge.be
Britain: General www.travelbritain.org or www.aboutbritain.com or www.mybritain.com
London www.londontouristboard.com
Trains National Rail Line www.britrail.com or phone #-8457484950 or for London Tube www.thetube.com
Buses www.britbus.com or www.gobycoach.com –National Express (UK’s largest bus line) phone#-08705808080)
Bulgaria: General www.travel-bulgaria.com
Corsica: General www.corsica.net
Croatia: General www.croatia.hr –The Offficial Tourist Board Site
Cyprus: General www.visitcyprus.org.cy or email: [email protected]
CzechRepublic: General www.muselik.com/Czech/ -Czech Information Center
Hotels www.hotelsczech.com –hotels and Accommodation in the Czech Rep.
Airport www.csa.cz/en/let/letiste.htm –Prague’s Ruzyne Airport
Prague www.pis.cz –info on Prague or www.sweb.cz/praguetour/ or www.heartofeurope.cz
Cesky Krumlov www.ckrumlov.cz –general information
Denmark General www.visitdenmark.com
Copenhagen www.visitcopenhagen.dk
Estonia General www.tourism.ee
Finland General www.mek.fi –The Offficial Tourist Board Site
France General (www.france.com); (www.gofrance.about.com); (www.franceway.com);
Paris (www.paris-anglo.com)
Trains (www.sncf.com)-national train info
Hotels (www.france.-hotel-online.com)
Provence (www.visitprovence.com)-general info; or (www.provenceweb.fr)-also general info
Bordeaux (www.bordeaux.com)-general info; or (www.dordogne-perigord.com)-surrounding regions of Bordeaux
Brittany (www.brittanytourism.com)-for general info; (www.montsaintmichel.com)-for info on the castle
Germany General (www.germanway.com) or (www.germany-tourism.de) or (www.visits-to-germany.com)
Berlin www.berlin.de –Berlin Tourist Office
Trains www.bahn.de –Deutche Bahn Info
Gibralter General www.gibralter.gi or email with questions ([email protected])
Greece General www.gnto.gr
Athens www.athensguide.com or www.cityofathens.com
Islands www.greekisland.co.uk
Trains www.osenet.gr
Athens Metro www.ametro.gr
Hungary: General www.hungarytourism.hu –Hungarian National Tourist Office
Hotels www.budapesthotels.com –general tourist info and accomodation
Budapest www.budapestinfo.hu/en/main/html –general tourist info and accomodation
Ibiza General www.ibiza-spotlight.com
Iceland General www.icelandnaturally.com
Ireland General www.ireland.travel.ie or www.goireland.com
Dublin www.visitdublin.com
Northern Ireland www.ni-tourism.com or www.gotobelfast.com
Italy General www.enit.it or www.italiantourism.com
Trains www.trenitalia.com
Public Transport www.atac.it or www.aci.it for info on driving in Italy or www.adr.it for airport info
Rome www.informaroma.it or www.romaturismo.com or www.enjoyrome.com for general info on attractions
Florence www.firenzeturismo.it or www.english.firenze.net
Museums www.museionline.it
Latvia General www.latviatravel.com
Lithuania General www.tourism.lt or www.travel.lt
Luxembourg General www.ont.lu or www.luxembourg-city.lu
Malta General www.visitmalta.com
Monaco General www.monaco-tourism.com or www.monaco- montecarlo.com
Netherlands Tourism www.vvv.nl –the VVV is Holland’s Official Tourist Agency
Hotels www.hotelres.nl/ –for nationwide hotel reservations.
Trains www.ns.nl
Amsterdam www.visitamsterdam.nl or www.amsterdam.nl
Airport www.schiphol.nl –Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport
Keukenhof Gardens www.keukenhof.nl -the most visited and well known spring flower garden in Europe
Delta Expo www.neeltjejans.nl -expo on large scale ocean flood barriers
Norway General www.visitnorway.com
Poland General www.polandtour.org
Portugal: General www.portugal.org – the official tourist site of Portugalwww.portugalinsite.pt
Trains www.cp.pt –national rail info plus connections
Hotels www.hotelsportugal.com –discounts on budget/upscale accomodation
Pousadas www.pousadas.pt -various pousadas available across Portugal
Romania General www.tourism.ro or www.rotravel.com
Russia General www.visitrussia.com or www.waytorussia.net or www.russiafromrussia.com
Moscow www.moscowcity.com
Sardinia General www.regione.sardegna.it
Scotland General www.ToScotland.com
Slovakia General www.sacr.sk
Slovenia General www.slovenia.info/en or www.ntz-nta.si
Spain General www.tourspain.es or www.spain.info or www.okspain.org
Trains www.renfe.es/ingles
Madrid www.comadrid.es or www.munimadrid.es –for info on sights, attractions, museums orwww.las-ventas.com for bullfighting info
Barcelona www.bcn.es
Seville www.ayunt-sevilla.es
Andalucia www.andalucia.org
Sweden General www.visit-sweden.com or www.travel.abroad.se
Switzerland General www.myswitzerland.com or www.switzerlandtourism.com or www.schweiz-in-sicht.ch
Trains www.rail.ch or www.sbb.ch
Turkey General www.tourism.gov.tr or www.turkey.org or www.visitturkey.in
Transport www.neredennereye.com
Serbia General www.serbia-tourism.org
Belgrade www.belgradetourism.org.yu
Wales General www.wtbonline.gov.uk

In conclusion, the internet has revolutionized the way we plan and experience travel, offering a wealth of resources and tools at our fingertips. Whether you're interested in exploring the countries of the world or visiting a specific country in 2024, there are numerous websites and apps available to inspire, guide, and assist you along the way. From comprehensive travel guides to convenient booking services, these platforms provide travelers with the information and resources they need to make the most of their travel moments. By leveraging the top websites and apps mentioned in this article, travelers can customize their travel experiences, find the best deals, and create unforgettable memories anywhere in the world.