What are some of the most famous European desserts?

  1. Ice cream was first introduced by a French chef to King Charles I of England in the early 1600’s.
  2. Gelato contains less air than American or French ice cream (glace) and is generally more dense and firm in consistency.
  3. Sherbet is a water ice usually made from pulverized fruit juice, pulp, and sugar syrup. The French version is called sorbet and the Italians call it sorbetto.
  4. Granita refers to a more grainy and granular type of Spanish or Italian sherbet which is frozen by stirring or and not churning. It also has less sugar than sherbets and should be served slushy
  5. The Sacher Tort from Vienna-In fact, the famed Hotel Sacher uses 1.2 million eggs, 80 tons of sugar, 70 tons of chocolate, 37 tons of apricot marmalade, 25 tons of butter, and 30 tons of flour each year to make over 270,000 Sacher Torts. See www.sacher.com
  6. Crème Brulee-