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Europe is one of the most LGBTQI+ friendly and inclusive places on the planet, especially in each country’s major cities, which usually have a thriving LGBTQI+ culture and community. Check out the International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association, a global travel network dedicated to connecting and educating LGBTQI+ travelers. The European Travel Commission even puts out a Handbook on the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) Travel Segment, which you can download.

Other Helpful and Useful Links

  • European Best Destinations: This website provides destinations, tours and activists, and hotel options. They also mention the most gay-friendly countries as well as hidden gems and national parks. They provide a list of European destinations that are highly LGBTQI+ friendly and list hotels in those areas. They offer to help plan the entire vacation by helping book flights and hotels and finding activities and tours under theirs. They also spotlight the “Best of Europe” by listing the best places to visit for Nature-centered trips, best wine destinations, best dog-friendly places, best road trips, best national parks, best romantic and single locations, best honeymoon destinations, and many more. This is a helpful website to visit to get any LGBTQI+ traveler started.
  • Out Traveler: Features gay travel tips, interviews, destination guides, and a brand new editorial called “Travel Proud” that provides travelers resources and recommendations to the hottest and best LGBTQIA+ friendly tourist attractions and events worldwide. You can find interviews with travel experts, like Meg Ten Eyck, and influencers that are part of the gay community, like lesbian couple Charlotte and Natalie, from the website and lifestyle blog Our Taste for Life.
  • Out of Office: The Out of Office website provides luxury custom made travel experiences for Lesbians and Gays. Under the Destination tab, they offer a long list of possible destinations all over the world. If you’re looking for a reason to travel, they also have a list of trip inspirations such as weddings, honeymoons, group trips, safaris, and cruises, to name a few. There is a tab specifically for gay group vacations that allows you to inquire about a group trip to Greece, Italy, or Thailand, etc.
  • GayCities: This website allows you to register and connect with a community of locals and fellow travelers in the city you’re planning on visiting. There are reviews that locals and visitors have left for bars, clubs, hotels, restaurants, gyms, shops, and videos from people who have visited and people who currently live there. It also shows the LGBTQI+ events in the area selected. Their city guides offer over 200 cities and points of interest for review, leaving many options for the avid traveler to choose from.
  • Out: Out is another magazine by Pride Publishing Inc. that has an excellent travel & lifestyle section perfect for the LGBTQIA+ community when traveling.
  • Passport Magazine: Passport Magazine features gay travel information regarding business travel and international destinations and information about events in those destinations. This magazine’s website promotes news and articles about tropical vacation destinations, including locations outside of the United States, like the Caribbean, Africa, Asia, and areas in the United States, like Miami, Key West, and Fort Lauderdale. Their Adventure tab features tourist points of interest, a gift guide for the adventurer in your life, the best hikes in the area of your choosing, and winter getaway destinations.


Written by Stefan and Sebastien, a gay couple behind the travel blog Nomadic Boys. They have been traveling the world together since 2014 after quitting their jobs and lives in London.

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