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Camping.Info – With more than 22,000 campsites across 44 countries in Europe, is one of the most popular online campsite search websites. The website is user-friendly and clearly displays all of the relevant information needed for travelers to make a decision. Each campsite has an overall rating (out of 5), as well as ratings on their facilities, location, activities, value, and more.

Campers can leave their own reviews, as well as activities that can be done nearby. also runs a popular blog that’s chock-full of useful articles such as camping-friendly foods, region-specific guides, and safety tips, and more.

Advertising opportunities for campsites

We have the campers on our side: With approximately 110 million page views per year, is the largest information and booking portal in the German-speaking world. In order to be found particularly well and quickly by campers or to be booked directly online, we offer you a variety of options – alway according to your personal wishes and individual circumstances.


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