What were the facts and figures from last year's Oktoberfest (2019)?

During Oktoberfest, here are the basics:

  1. Beer is served in one-liter steins (mugs) and is referred to as a mass. Realistically it will come about 2/3rds or ¾th full of beer due to the frothy head and costs around 7 euros.  The beer maidens shall come to thee, so there’s no need to kick up a fuss and yell at them across the beer hall. It’s also a good idea to have your cash ready and chuck in a bit of shrapnel as a tip to ensure they look after you for the next round. Incidentally, it’s not uncommon to see these ladies carrying up to 14 steins at once (which is damn heavy). An empty stein without beer will weigh over 1 kilo, and full of beer, it weighs about 2 kilos total.
  2. Hold your ground. Beer, food, pretzels, and cigarettes can all be had from the comforts of your table.
  3. A stein per hour is the recommended speed limit. Try to see the big picture and realize you’re probably in for the big haul, which means pacing yourself. They open at 11 pm and close at 11:30 pm. Also, don’t be a tosser and try and cart off with one of their steins as a souvenir. Aside from being terrible form, it will feel cumbersome in your backpack in a few days, and the cost of shipping back home will prove prohibitively high.  They can be purchased for about 4.50 euros from within each tent.

Some great reference links include the following

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Facts And Figures From Oktoberfest 2019
Total Visitors 6.3 million
Beer Consumed 6,229,400 liters
Non-Alcoholic Beer Consumed 199,100 liters
Wine Consumed 36,138 liters
Sparkling Wine Consumed 22,066 bottles
Coffee/Tea Consumed 189,013 cups
Bottled Water/Lemonade 721,761bottles
Chicken 487,487 units
Pork Sausages 190,635pairs
Fish 48,600 kg
Pork Knuckles 56,036 units
Oxen 91 units
Area 103.79 acres (.42 sq.km)
Approx. Seats in Tents 98,000
Amount of People Employed 12,000
Waste 678 tons
Toilets 1,440 (17 disabled)
Total Revenue Generated In Munich During 16 Days of Octoberfest Is Approximately 955 Million Euros
source: Munich Tourist Office


Check out the hilarious facts provided below per www.oktoberfesttours.travel/2019/10/10/oktoberfest-2019-beer-consumption/

Other Oktoberfest 2019 Statistics

Some of the more interesting statistics that round up the 2019 Oktoberfest in Munich:

  • According to the Munich police: “We have seen a decrease in crime. The decrease in the number of crimes is estimated at 914. We had more controls and a significant decrease in pickpockets. 133 offenses were recorded, compared with 174 last year. There was a slight increase in the number of Maßkrugschlägereien (translated: fights with beer glasses) eight more than in the previous year. Unfortunately, we also have a slight increase in sexual offenses, from 42 to 45 offenses.”
  • According to the Munich fire department: The fire department was called out 14 times – 7 more instances than last year. A t-shirt that landed on a light globe had to be extinguished. And a festival visitor who climbed on top of a beer tent had to be removed.
  • According to the Munich first aid services: 6392 medical emergencies were recorded, 800 more than last year. Interestingly, a decrease in alcohol poisoning was reported.

Lost & Found at Oktoberfest 2019

The Lost & Found office reported approx. 3,800 items including

  •  780 ID cards
  • 690 items of clothing
  • 660 wallets
  • 465 bank cards
  • 420 mobile phones
  • 300 keys
  • 155 glasses
  • 130 backpacks & bags
  • 115 umbrellas
  • 55 pieces of jewelry
  • 8 cameras

Perhaps the most unusual items found were a set of dentures, a children’s pram, a deck of cards, a measuring cup, a kitchen sieve, a wedding ring, a trumpet, and 635.60 EURO in cash.