Here's how you say it in various European languages, along with a brief explanation:

1. English - Cheers!:
Explanation: This is the standard toast in English-speaking countries. It's a versatile expression used for various occasions, from raising a glass at a formal event to a casual drink among friends.
2. French - Santé!:
Explanation: "Santé" literally means "health." It's a polite and widely used toast in France, similar to the English "cheers."
3. Spanish - Salud!:
Explanation: "Salud" means "health" in Spanish. It's a common way to toast and wish good health to others before taking a drink.
4. Italian - Salute!:
Explanation: Similar to the Spanish toast, "Salute" also means "health." Italians use this expression to wish good health and prosperity.
5. German - Prost!:
Explanation: "Prost" is a straightforward toast in German. It comes from the Latin word "prosit," which means "may it be good." It's a popular and casual way to raise a glass.
6. Portuguese - Saúde!:
Explanation: Much like in Spanish and Italian, "Saúde" means "health" in Portuguese. It's used for toasting and wishing good health.
7. Dutch - Proost!:
Explanation: Similar to the German "Prost," the Dutch use "Proost" to toast and express good wishes. It's a common and friendly expression.
8. Swedish - Skål!:
Explanation: "Skål" is the Swedish word for "bowl" or "cup." It's used as a toast, and its origins are thought to come from the tradition of raising drinking vessels.
9. Norwegian - Skål!:
Explanation: Much like in Swedish, Norwegians use "Skål" to toast. It's a widely recognized expression for raising a glass in good company.
10. Greek - Yamas! (ΥΓΕΙΑ!):
Explanation: "Yamas" is the informal way to say "cheers" in Greek. It's derived from the Greek word for health, "Υγεία" (Ygeia).
11. Russian - На здоровье! (Na zdorovie!):
Explanation: This Russian toast translates to "To your health!" It's a common way to wish good health to others before taking a drink.
12. Polish - Na zdrowie!:
Explanation: Much like in Russian, the Polish toast "Na zdrowie" means "To your health!" It's a widely used expression in Poland.

Remember, while these phrases are common for toasting, customs and expressions can vary within regions and communities. It's always polite to adapt to local customs when toasting in a different culture.